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Dr. Kevin Cattie



Dr. Kevin Cattie is the Clinic Founder, Director of Delaware Spine. He has been in practice since, 2017 and has successfully pioneered and designed a state of the art health care facility with the most modern chiropractic equipment and technology. His vision for a multi-disciplinary, progressive, non-surgical and drug-free treatment offers a whole new range of pain relief and healing for his patients, making his practice distinctive from others.

Dr. Cattie received his doctorate in 2017 from Life University, which is regarded as the most prestigious Chiropractic school in the world. This program was an extensive and unique opportunity that trained him in the management of patients with serious injuries, placing an emphasis on the use of modalities in the chiropractic office.

His widespread experience and training in these areas lead him to use a wider range of chiropractic techniques at Delaware Spine Chiropractic Center Wilmington, as well as enforce his commitment to an integrative chiropractic approach to conservative care.

He specializes in non-surgical, non-epidural, drug-free treatment of disc conditions, and chronic neck and back pain, known as Disc Decompression Therapy. Some of his other specialties include diversified adjusting, the Activator Method, sacral occipital technique, Cox Flexion Distraction, modalities, release and exercise therapy.

Dr. Cattie has taken his knowledge in sports and rehabilitation, along with his active interest in holistic health and has integrated them into the comprehensive health care approach offered only at his chiropractic centers. His practices look at the whole patient, including their lifestyle, nutritional and stress factors as important components to successful care. Dr. Cattie believes in working closely with the medical community.
He knows that offering care that incorporates both medicine and chiropractic benefits his patients by giving superior well-rounded treatment. Patients are out of pain and back a healthy lifestyle with his advanced approach.

Doctor of Chiropractic, Licensed in the State of Pennsylvania and Delaware
National Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Rita Oller

I have been having issues with my lower back for the past two years. It had gotten to the point that the pain would take my breath away whenever I would turn or bend to the side. After just one visit with Dr Cattie at Delaware Spine, I had relief! Dr Cattie provided me with tips to ensure I wasn't re-aggrevating the source of my pain as well as a plan to get me to pain free! I'm grateful to finally have a plan and cant say enough wonderful things about Delaware Spine!

Brenda Rettig

Dr. Cattie is a very caring and enjoyable Chiropractor!
Caring, I know because he listens and adjusts what he does to fit your needs not the "one size fits all adjustment with him".
Enjoyable, because he is easy to talk to. And you can feel that he cares about what he does, not the rush you through to make the next dollar Doctor!! Makes you trust him!
I have a severly herniated disc. It was real bad for a time, he changed up what he did till we found what worked. Talked to me about things to do and try to make it manageable. Sent me to get mri and then on to a back doctor to get my options. Of course back doc said surgery. Dr. Caddie and back doc set a plan in motion for no surgery. i can now say pain free! Cant say enough good about him!
I have been getting Chiropractic care for 28 years now. Same doc for 20 years then 6 looking for another good one after mine passed away.
His new office is very nice and close proximity to my work, so I am real happy!

Kevin Bryant

I came to Delaware Spine with severe mid and lower back pain. Through weekly adjustments and techniques, Dr. Cattie was able to return my back to a pain free state. I cannot thank him enough for this. Throughout the whole experience he always took his time and was very professional and informational. I highly recommend Delaware Spine to anyone with back issues. Thanks again!

Amber Smith

I had the most wonderful experience at Delaware Spine. The staff is amazing. Dr. Cattie is extremely educated and knows exactly what he’s talking about. I have had back pain for a while now and felt immediate relief! I can’t wait to go back for my next appointment! I would highly suggest Delaware Spine to anyone I know.

Adam Fraser

Dr. Kevin is no ordinary doctor. He sincerely listens to his patients, understands their concerns, truly cares about not only their physical well-being, but social, spiritual, mental, and emotional health are just as important, and you feel that each and every visit. He constantly rearranges his schedule for the betterment of his patients, because he gets that life happens to all of us, and it's rarely convenient when you need him. You'll never leave a visit feeling anything less than whole, he's just that kind of guy.

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